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Get Social Media Post Idea for Daily Posting

As a small business, you may wonder how to use social media to your advantage. We are sharing 100 plus trending festive days and creative marketing post ideas. If you are new to social media, you may be doing quotes posting in starting. You should read our Social Media SOP Blog post. You can also use statistics in your post. It can add some authority and credibility to your posts. 
Another trend that is popular on social media is using images with your posts. This can help to catch the reader's attention and make them more likely to engage with your post. If you are looking for ideas for images to use, you can find free stock photos online or take your own photos.
You can also experiment with video content, which is becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms. With video content, you have the opportunity to tell a story or give a tutorial.

Gazing Out to Sea
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