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PPC Agency in USA

PPC Management Charges & Process for USA

Are you searching for a PPC Agency in USA?

We are a PPC management company, and grow businesses with Google Ads in the USA. We create confident paid ad copy and create eye-catching retargeting campaigns. We implement our A/B Tested funnel to specifically target our desired audiences.


What is PPC Agency?

If you have never used Google Ads, you may be unaware. PPC Agency, also known as a pay-per-click agency, is a company that specializes in managing and optimizing pay-per-click advertising campaigns for businesses. As we are a PPC Agency which helps businesses maximize their return on investment by creating and monitoring effective ad campaigns across various platforms such as,, Google Partner Search Engine, Google Display Platforms.


Who is the best PPC Agency?

There are chances you want to hire the best PPC Agency. We would like to introduce ourselves as a result-oriented PPC Agency to run ads in the USA. We adjust our clients' budget based on their business needs and gradually increase it in response to positive feedback from them. This strategy helps us get good results for our clients. Clients have the power to remove us if they feel our services are not worth the money because we don't spend the budget, without positive feedback. Our practice prioritizes our client's budget savings and getting good results at the same time.


Is a PPC budget under $1000 considered low budget for advertisement?

It really depends on some factors. Like what is your industry and target goals. For example, at the time of onboarding clients, we ask or evaluate what is the target of our client. Most of them want lead generation and some of them want to position over specific keywords. If your goal is solely to position or build an online brand for the keyword, then it could be adequate. But if your goal is lead generation, you might need a higher budget since you may need a certain number of leads.


What if business is struggling at the Break Even Point?

We strongly recommend considering cost-cutting options as a priority. It's important not to view Google Ads as a magic solution. Spending your hard-earned money without considering the future could be a risky decision. We are dividing this scenario in two parts based on the monthly fixed operational cost of your busines


Are you running business which need lower monthly fixed costs?

If answer is yes, You can allot amount on ads and if one specific funnel is working, should increase the budget.

If you have high fixed operational costs and the answer is no, it is advisable to set aside a small budget to test your main service and product marketing on Google and social media platforms. As these strategies focus on maximizing the return on investment without increasing expenditures significantly.


What is the minimum required advertising budget from the client? How much do we charge for managing a PPC Campaign?

The client should allocate at least $1500 for the ad budget. And we charge at least $300 monthly for PPC Campaign Account Managment. Rest it depends on clients requirements.

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